Tobias Degen

Born in 1982, Swiss singer/ songwriter Tobias Degen is a talented singer, songwriter and instrumentalist. He combines his unique singing abilities with virtuos piano and guitar skills.

Tobias Degen graduated with honors from the Hochschule Lucerne Music. His mentor at the time became ECM artist and swiss jazz singer Susanne Abbühl. Degen was as a featured soloist with the Zurich Jazz Orchestra, singing Big Band songs from Frank Sinatra. He headlined the Jazz No Jazz Festival as an upcoming artist with his band.

His upcoming album immediately caught the attention of New York City’s legendary mastering engineer Greg Calbi (Bob Dylan, Norah Jones) who stepped in to add its final touch. Tobias Degen's songs are intimate and expressive, on the edge of classic Soul- and Pop-Music. Peaceful ballads alternate with grooving rocky songs. A voice to be reckoned with.

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