Riaz Khabirpour

"Pocket Radio" his the name of Riaz Khabirpour´s new quartet. Khabirpour has been living in Cologne since 2006, and has made an impressive name for himself in the German Jazz Scene.

Pocket Radio dwells from childhood memories, when Khabirpour first discovered the world of music. A time before digital gadgets made music an arbitrary product of consumption.
Khabirpour dives bak to the memories of eagerly waiting for your favourite song to air on the radio, and discovering new music on the go.

Along with him are Matthew Halpin on saxophone, Matthias Akeo Nowak on double bass, and Leif Berger on drums.
Pocket Radio is an album of four very technically accomplished and respected players who know when to let loose.

Cool, thriving modern jazz.

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