Earthy, knitted and deep. Demian Coca's approach is the combination of Bolivian folk music and modern jazz aesthetics. His arrangements are multi-layered soundscapes, full of rhythmic variety and melody. Paykunas music emphasizes the folkloristic touch but Coca doesn’t hide his cool, thoughtful Swiss side as a composer. He grants his players a lot of space for the unplanned. A clever balancing act, between control and spirit. Honest and extraordinary. Somewhere between the rainforests of Amazonia and the deep Lakes of Switzerland. Exciting, challenging and new.

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Praise for Paykuna

Excellent high-spirited jazz – Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion

Demian Coca’s debut is a “Leontopodium alpinum” in today’s young jazz world with the talent to call the future shots. Adventures, unusual and bold. This is what it means to “know your roots”! – UK Vibe