Marc Jufer

Trips to the Center can be loud and exciting. If Marc Jufer´s recent album production was a travel guide, of how to discover and dwell into the ventures of modern jazz, it would be full of unusual turns and twists. Jufer can take the listener to loud and exciting places or cool his ears with an elegant flair for melodies and space.

A number of things have changed in his band — Jufer re-casted his rhythm section and gives up on a harmony instrument— underlining his prominence as a composer and player.

Sharing both, the vision and experience to know where and how his music should take place, and with the experience of more than twenty years in the European jazz circle, “Trip To The Center” is Marc's fifth album as a leader. The trio has been working on this album, in a single recording stretch over two days, with a powerfully alert bassist, Lisa Hoppe, and a sharp, supple drummer, Devin Gray. “Trip To The Center” lasts entirely of original compositions.

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