Forlorn Elm

Where earthy Grooves and Melodies soft as the Wind meet, the Roots of Rock, Modern Jazz and Melancholic Pop grow up into an Elm Tree. It might be the inspiring Swiss country side that drives Forlorn Elm to their cinematic music stories.

"Growing up I listened to a lot of Led Zeppelin, Nick Drake, Hendrix and occasionally Pink Floyd” guitarist and bandleader David Friedli describes his influences. “I like heavy riffs and melodies and I love guitar!” With a sound deeply rooted in the very sense of Rock tradition the trio has no fear of contact. Organically their songs develop into a rapture of modern Jazz Fusion and Prog Rock.

Forlorn Elm has the knack for a music that uses many sources but stays truly independent.

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Praise for Forlorn Elm

Das Trio mit David Friedli, Johanna Pärli und Luca Weber hat das Händchen für eine Musik, die sich vieler Quellen bedient und so eingängig wie eigenständig den Weg ins Ohr findet.Arno Troxler, Jazzfestival Willisau 2017

“Das Berner Trio träumt sich seit 2015 durch Jazz, Country, Pop und Rock, ist dabei mal nachdenklich leicht, mal hart und direkt, findet dabei aber immer den Zugang zum musikliebenden Herzen.“ – Laura Friedrich, OK BeSTival 2017