For over a year, Esche have been working on their new album "Der Dichter Spricht" (The Poet Speaks). Quite fascinating how they frame avant-garde and perfection, intimacy and melancholy in it.

The new, second album has become a gigantic labyrinth full of musical affirmations. EscheĀ“s songs do not come easy. Their music is neither free improvised, nor designed on the drawing board. The trio takes a lot of effort to explore each moment with endless curiosity and to communicate a vision that can hold these songs together.

The idea is to create an album panorama, which appears step by step.

"We tried a lot. We rejected a lot. We had to learn to keep our patience and be open minded to understand what it is the music needs. It took us a a lot of time and nerve. But at the end we developed a common aesthetic and sound concept for the music of this band." The three say about their work.

Laura Schuler - violin, Lisa Hoppe - double bass, Luzius Schuler - piano

"The open as a basic color has shaped the record. But there is also something folky, classical that resonates in their music. And jazz of course as a root.

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