6 Reasons why Instagram could be a chance for Jazz

Instagram is the hot shit for any size of business right now. Though, it might not always be the best decision to jump on board and do what everybody else is doing,  it is hard to deny that Jazz moves slow when responding to the latest marketing trends. Let’s take a look at the hype, and see why Instagram might actually be a chance for us.

It’s about telling a story!

People love stories. In fact you love stories! We all do! We grow up with fairytales, action heroes and all that jazz talk. Naturally we are drawn towards people with the gift for recounting dramatic and funny events. It’s human nature! Tell your story! Sharing visual content is the easiest way to tell your audience what you are about. This can open all doors to get people interest in your music. Embrace the potential that Instagram offers to encourage an emotional connection to you as an artist and your music. Prove your creativity.

Consider the tortoise. Don’t sell me, tell me!

It’s Visual and easy!

Photos are the most engaging content on the web. The easies way to get people to click on music! Jazz is boring, dusty and dead? Set the difference! Brand your music. Create the look to your sound. Irrelevant you think? Learn from Hip Hop or re-read the Miles Biography. Use Instagram to test what resonates with your audience. Get people outside of your closest peer-group interested in you. Convince the  “CrossFit-Paleo-Guitar-Sneaker-Loving” community in Bamberg to go see your next show.

Stick to consistent color schemes and styles to create a brand identity

Reach people

With 1 billion (!) current active users it should be possible to find people interested in jazz music. When posting on IG hashtags are the perfect way of getting your content in front of the right audience. Be sure to actually use hashtags people are searching for. Watch out for banned hashtags and overusing them. If you wanna get all business, set a budget aside and look into targeted ads

Know your hashtags and make a list of the ones that perform well.

Engage with your audience!

Instagram has the highest average engagement rate from all the main social media channels. This is prove for how open the Instagram community is. A good starting point for generating engagement is following people with a say in jazz and music, fellow musician, clubs and magazines. You can also start conversations using your own hashtags and inspire people to join in. Keep in mind, it is not enough to post and sit on your photos and videos. Connect with people! Start conversations. Engage! Forget bots or buying likes. Real engagement gives you all the feedback you need and translates into plays, sales and booking

Don’t just stand at the bar. Mingle and put out the vibe!

Feedback and Relevance

Instagram is a gold mine for useful feedback and insights.  See who responds to what and why. Understand your audience. Start giving a F&%ck! See what people actually dig about GoGo Pinguin and Kamasi. Respecting and understanding your target group is a big thing in any (!) relevant  business. Find out what matters to music fans and bookers. Learn how to connect with your future listeners and employers. It’s never been easier!

10,973 people like African rhythms.

Check your competition

You might not understand why Instagram is important to drive your future career yet, but your competition does! See what they are posting, how often and when. How do they engage with people, do they find new fans and where? Is what they are doing working and why? What can you do better? By studying the people who are good at it, you will define the best practices and be able to develop your own language. (Rings a bell?)

Create the licks!